Fly Fishing Harriman State Park on the Henry’s Fork

Whether you are fishing the Henry’s Fork for the first time, or you are returning to its world-renowned waters for another extraordinary visit, you can always count on an immense variety of outstanding fishing.  All fish within the Henry’s Fork are wild, which means that you will delight in nothing less than an authentic fly fishing experience.  The budding new angler will find that the waters here proffer a gratifying, as well as diverting venture while challenging even the most cultivated expert.

The fly fishing waters in the Greater Yellowstone Area are superior and boast great diversity.  While you are a guest at the lodge, celebrated rivers such as the Madison, Gallatin, Yellowstone, Firehole, and the Southfork of the Snake River are nearby and readily available to you.

Local guides are available and can assist you and teach you the skills necessary to master the art of fly fishing.  They love what they do and take great pleasure in sharing their craft with you.  Their knowledge and guidance will make your fly fishing experience a distinguished and delightful one.

  • Daily shuttle service to and from your fishing location
  • Guide service by reservation
  • Float boat trips ( Pontoon type )
  • Drift boat trips ( McKenzie type )

Within a short distance of Island Park are more pristine Blue Ribbon trout streams and originating headwater rivers than you’ll find anywhere else in North America.

Join us at the Angler’s Lodge on Henry’s Fork to experience fishing habitat and varieties you thought only existed in your dreams.

In this wonder of the world of cold, fresh water fishing where hundreds of rivers, lakes, and creeks teem with all species of trout and where thousands of miles of streams emerge from headwaters and meander through two national parks, one state park and seven national forests, are countless fishing opportunities for the most discerning angler. Anglers’ Lodge on the bank of the Henry’s Fork in Island Park, Idaho is a few feet from the home of trophy trout measuring up to thirty inches in length. Henry’s Fork, a catch and release stream, is the site of the world famous Green Drake Hatch, affording the fly fisherman the ultimate in fishing opportunity.

Just upstream from our lodge is scenic Box Canyon. For some incredible action try drifting your Golden Stone Nymph through the backwaters and riffles of this wonder of nature. Upstream 15 miles is famous Henry’s Lake, home of the state records for Rainbow, Cutthroat, Hybrid, and Brook Trout.

At the Anglers’ Lodge, we make memories that last a lifetime. The perfect fishing trip may include a day at Cave Falls or working a dry fly through that gentle bend on the Madison River. Perhaps a day of horseback riding through the beauty of Harriman State Park, a drive through Yellowstone Park, or the short drive from the Angler’s Lodge to Mesa Falls (One of Idaho’s best kept scenic secrets) would be on your agenda. The sighting of the endangered Trumpeter Swan that calls the Henry’s Fork home could be that special memory with you.

We think it could be that first day in front of Anglers’ Lodge when you shared your fishing space with one of the many Moose that call Island Park home. Maybe it will be that rolling first strike on the Green Drake you tied while you stayed with us. For some it’s seeing that majestic elk; For us, it’s knowing the fishing doesn’t get any better. 


Fly Fishing 3 day
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Knowledgeable river guides update this report after they experience the waters for themselves. They are very familiar with the most productive hatch and the hottest stretches of water so you can bet the information they provide is the best on the web.
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