Yellowstone National Park

Only a 30-minute drive from the retreat lays America’s very first national park.  Home to a largely diverse assortment of wildlife, guests will enjoy watching bison, elk, moose, deer, wolves, and even the occasional bear.  Taking in Yellowstone’s unusual geological features is a spectacular way to spend the day.  There are short walks and longer hikes all over the park that will enable you to see a wide variety of hot springs, geysers, and wildlife.  We encourage guests to spend a day at the park. We even offer a driving tour on select days during the week.


The scenic vistas of Yellowstone National have always enchanted it’s visitors. Featured in historical paintings, photographs, and with mountainous features that put the alps to shame, millions come every year to enjoy their beauty.


Only in Yellowstone national park do humans and wildlife walk on the same roads peacefully. This provides a unique opportunity to get involved with nature outside of a zoo.


No watch can be timed as perfectly as this geyser. Millions of people from all over the world have come to Yellowstone park just to watch this geyser erupt like clockwork.


The true joy of fishing isn’t always in the size of the fish, but in the environment the fisherman is in. However, the fish in this region could rival your grandfather’s story about the time he caught one, “this big!”


Yellowstone is a family-centered park. With swimming, fishing, and hiking, there’s something for everyone, regardless of the age.


Not only does Yellowstone have numerous outdoor activities and stunning vistas, but it is also one of the most active geothermal locations in the world.