Frequently Asked Questions

Please browse this list of questions our reservation staff hears most often. If your question is not covered, please call our main number at 208.558.9555. Looking forward to having you with us!

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How far are you from Yellowstone Park?

We are 32 miles from West Yellowstone, Montana, which hosts the Park's "West Entrance". Please see the US National Park web site for more information about the other entrances. (West Entrance map & directions)

How far are you from Grand Teton National Park?

We are about 97 miles or 2 to 2.5 hours from Teton Park depending upon weather. (Teton Park map & directions)

How far are you from Henry's Lake?

We are about 24 miles south of Henry's Lake. (Henry's Lake map & directions)

How far are you from Harriman State Park?

We are about 5 miles north of Harriman. (Harriman Park map & directions)

Do you have other properties in the area?

Yes! We own and manage both Anglers Lodge and River Lodge which are only 1/2 mile from each other. (Anglers & River Lodges map & directions)



Are you pet friendly and what are your fees?

We have designated pet rooms/units. In appreciation for advance notice that you are bringing a pet, we are happy to waive the extra $30 cleaning fee since we can be sure to assign you a pet-friendly unit. For undeclared pets the $30 cleaning fee will apply. In addition, we charge a $10 per night pet fee to cover for the inevitable extra work to remove hair from linens/carpets and cute footprints from the floor. We also kindly ask that pets are with a human companion at all times which greatly reduces property damage and noise complaints - even if they are "kenneled." (Please plan to bring your own items to manage muddy feet and fur on possible wet or snowy days. These considerations alone reduce damages and fees by 95%.) All waste pickup from our lawns, parking lots and drives is greatly appreciated!

What is your cancellation policy?

Our family business in the Yellowstone area is absolutely dependent upon the short tourist/fishing season from late spring to early fall each year. As such, it is difficult to resell rooms to cover cancellations made within 30 days of arrival. We have adopted a non-refundable cancellation policy in order to cover for that contingency, but it is applicable year-round.  We do, however, make every effort to resell canceled rooms and offer refunds that would apply.  We also kindly ask that you call us at 208.558.9555 to inform us of a cancellation so we may open up your room as soon as possible especially if it was booked through a 3rd party service (, Expedia, Priceline, etc.). Please notify your 3rd party booking agent in addition to calling us.

What is your booking policy?

By booking, you authorize Angler's Lodge to send text messages and emails with details regarding your reservation information and other offers. Message/data rates may apply. Consent is not a condition of purchase. 

What is your payment policy?

We require payment in full within 30 days of arrival. If your reservation is booked more than 30 days out, our system collects a 20% deposit to hold the room/unit. At 30 days we automatically collect the balance from the card provided at the time of booking. For cancellations, please see question above.

Do you have an age limit to rent a room?

If you are over 18 and have a credit card we are happy to book you in. (Local ordinances regarding age limits at the Anglers Lodge bar do apply.) Please be aware that if you are coming with other under-age guests for a social event we reserve the right to charge for damages or unreasonable disarray after a party. We are very grateful for all considerations taken to leave our units in the best order possible at departure.

What is your damage policy?

We reserve the right to cover for any damages, missing items. or units left in unreasonable disarray requiring extra effort from our staff to prepare the unit for incoming guests. This includes linens that may be stained beyond repair or an abundance of pet hair left on carpets and furnishings. The most common damage is caused by unattended or muddy animals. We are very pet friendly, but we kindly ask that your animal is always with a human companion in and out of your units and on our property. Please plan to bring your own items to manage muddy feet and fur on possible wet or snowy days. These considerations alone reduce damages and fees by 95% which is much appreciated.



Which airports are the best to use?

Idaho Falls, Idaho, is your best option as it is only 90 minutes south of us and the roads are well kept year round. Bad winter storms do happen on occasion so please be aware of weather forecasts. Bozeman, Montana, would be the next choice as it is only 2 hours north of us with a beautiful drive through the Gallitan pass. Winter driving may present road closures however. Jackson, Wyoming, is another option at 2.5 hours away. West Yellowstone, Montana, might work as well. Others are Boise or Salt Lake City, both 5-6 hours away.

Is there shuttle or taxi service to your property?

At this time there are few options for reaching us without a private vehicle. Our beautiful, rustic area is far out of city congestion. Your best option, if you cannot drive your own car, is to rent and enjoy the scenic drive and wide-open vistas. (In the winter, a 4-wheel or all-wheel drive is recommended.)



Is your restaurant or bar open?

The Anglers Lodge restaurant and bar is heavily dependent upon tourist traffic in the area. We do our best to have it available for the evening meals during summer season while Yellowstone Park is open and the fishing is good. Typically, it is from mid-May to mid-October.

When is the "off-season" for your place?

The off season for room/cabin rentals at Anglers Lodge is usually from November through March. However, snowmobile season is usually good from mid-December through mid-March depending upon the weather. (River Lodge is operational for the summer season only from mid-April through October or early November.)

When does Yellowstone Park close?

Yellowstone closes most of it's entrances during the winter season. The west entrance, which is the one nearest our location, is usually open from mid-April through some time in October depending upon weather. For current information please see the US National Park website before planning your trip to see Yellowstone Park.



Is it okay to fish in the river by Anglers Lodge?

Yes. Fly fishing is barbless hook, catch and release.  Public access all along the Henry's Fork of the Snake River.

Can we arrange for a fishing guide?

Our best recommendation for fishing guides is Henry's Fork Anglers which is about 1/2 mile away from our lodge. They can help you with gear as well. As fishing guides in the area are booked months in advance, we highly suggest that you secure your guide before making any lodging reservations.

Are there horse riding tours?

Harriman State Park is a great place for an easy ride (see info in the LOCATION section above). You may also want to try the Eagle Ridge Ranch which has many other options.

Do you supply snowmobiles, tubes, kayaks, or ATVs?

We do not have that option at this time, but an internet search in Island Park, Idaho, should bring up a current list of rental places.

Can you get onto snowmobile or ATV trails right from the parking lot?

Yes! We are conveniently located to several trails in the area.

Can we park a truck and trailer/boat on your property?

For Anglers Lodge there is space to park, but the lot fills quickly during the tourist season. We can help you find parking during the summer if you will call ahead and ask to speak to a staff member on site. In the winter we make every effort to plow extra space for snowmobile trucks and trailers in case our lot fills up. It is by our Edgewater Vacation Home just a short way down the road. For summer season at the River Lodge, it is very easy to park trailers or boats by the private cabins and there is often plenty of room in the parking lot by the main lodge.

Can we ship our gear or other items to the lodge for travel convenience?

Usually that can be arranged. Please call us at 208.558.9555 to give advance notice. We will be instructing you to send the items clearly addressed to yourself in care of (c/o) Anglers Lodge. (We manage River Lodge from our office at Anglers Lodge and will accept guest shipments/deliveries there.)